September 6, 2011

Facebook Envy

If you have experienced post-grad life in the age of Facebook, then you know how "Facebook Envy" feels. Now, this term sounds pretty preposterous, and even I, a Facebook addict, scoffed at the idea. And then Fall Semester at the University of Redlands began.

I miss college!! Event updates for annual first of the year parties; pictures of travelers abroad in Salzy, Milan, and Paris; youngin's moving in to the Brockton Block for the first time, invitations to sports events... the list goes on, and on, and on, and.... yeah. At this time last year, I was about to begin the best semester of my life at Redlands, followed by the worst. At the end of my last semester, I never believed I would miss that dear old U of R, but, I do. And that gets me to wondering, maybe this Facebook Envy fad really has some relevancy. Would I be feeling this envious of my returning student friends if I wasn't being updated on their every fabulous move? Is Facebook really causing people to fall into depression over the demise of their once exciting, relatively carefree lives? Is the college afterlife looking more and more dismal to those who don't have their fabulous adult selves in order, all because of Facebook? So many questions, so little people willing to cut off ties with the devil's site in order to find out.

And here I go, down memory lane.

Ok, so the last one isn't from Redlands, but hey, we can all wish, right?

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