July 31, 2011

Going To The MothaLand!

I am leaving on a jet plane, tomorrow morning. I know when I will be back again, but who knows if I will actually fulfill that destiny. Maybe I will stay in Europe and never begin my college afterlife?

All I know is, I am so thankful to have so many great friends that have already studied/traveled abroad to give me awesome tips and fun adventures for our trip. Can't wait to see/eat/drink it all in. See you all when I see you all. <3

July 30, 2011

My Big Girl Goals

So, this is only my third blog, and I started this adventure almost two months ago. Ruh-Roh. I need to get on top of my bloggin' game if anyone is going to take me seriously and finally give me my own Tila Tequila-inspired reality dating show...

I feel like I haven't graduated into the real world yet. And that is because I really haven't. This summer has been a vacation from facing the "Big Girl World" ahead of me. House sitting in Portland, OR for a month? Yes please! And what and adventure that was. I just got home yesterday from a whirlwind month of microbrews, waterfall hiking, food carts and of course the elusive (not) hipster. Thanks to my brother and fellow blogger at Drug Youth, Chris, and some college friends that lived in the area, I have officially ducked out of any Big Girl responsibilities thus far in my adventure through the college afterlife. And the fun doesn't stop there. I am leaving for a three week vacation galavanting through Europe in one. Day. When am I ever going to accomplish any of my Big Girl Goals??

Big Girl Goals:

Drink alcohol once a week
           (I drank good beer in Portland for what seems like two weeks straight, helloooo beer belly)

Fix my sailor mouth
          (My $43,000/year tuition needs to be expressed through my vocabulary, not my many variables of Fornication Under Consent of the King...)
Never wear sweats out in public
         (yoga pants do not count IF going to yoga/working out)

Go to bed at a "Big Girl Bedtime"
        (for those of you who don't know, college/college partying can really set your sleep clock on crazy mode)

Find a job!!!
        -This last one is obviously the most important. And this is the hardest to accomplish, especially with all of this traveling. How am I supposed to interview for a job when I am thousands of miles away eating cheese and drinking wine with some French man with a handle bar mustache? Not to say I am not thrilled with my life right now, I am blessed to have the opportunities in front of me. But, I want a job. Oh, hey recession.

I guess I haven't really graduated yet. Europe is the final stage in entering in to the College Afterlife.